Posted Date: 2017-01-09

         Vung Tau City, Mar 16 th, 2016 


Dear our value investors and customers,

First of all, Huong Phong Tourism-Manufacturing-Trading Company Limited (Huong Phong Co., Ltd) would like to send respectful greetings and heartfelt thanks to our customers, investors have been interested in cooperation with our company.

Huong Phong Co., Ltd was found basing on Decision No. 279-QĐ/ TU dated on 14 February issued by Standing Committee of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Provincial Committee of the Party. Over the past 12 years, so far Huong Phong Ltd. Company has been gradually asserting our brand in many fields of business, especially the tourism sector has achieved some outstanding successes.

Huong Phong - Ho Coc Tourist resorts of Huong Phong Company Limited is the project located in an area of 4.3 ha, which has been launched the 1st state with three-star standard including restaurants with 800 seats, 52 rooms Bungalow (08 Bungalow VIP), 01 pools, 01 meeting rooms with 100 seats .... the location adjacent to Ho Coc Beach in Xuyen Moc district, 130 km away from Ho Chi Minh city and 60km from Vung Tau city, located on the coastal road linking Ho Tram - Ho Coc - Binh Chau hot springs, neax to the Ho Tram Strip complex. Annually,  Huong Phong - Ho Coc resort received more than 100.000 visitors coming to stay and recreation, contributing to the tourism market in Xuyen Moc district.

Based on the competitive advantages maximization, with the goal of developing Huong Phong - Ho Coc resorts project oriented diversified services, increased benefits for tourists, we look forward to inviting investors, partners who have the capacity and experience, willingness to cooperate with our company for sustainable investment on "entertainment zone" category of Huong Phong - Ho Coc resorts project:

1. Location: In the central of Ho Coc belonging to Huong Phong- Ho Coc resorts, administrative boundaries Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau (attached drawing maps).

2. Size: 598m² (2 floors)

3. Collaboration services include:

   - Coffee & Bar services;

   - Body Massage, Foot Massage Services;

   - Karaoke Services;

4. Cooperation Forms:

   - Investors could self-operated business and invest the entire capital or joint venture with the investor of the project.

   - Huong Phong Company Limited will sign with the investors with proportion investments 50/50. Investors run their own business with business commitments under the agreement with Huong Phong Co. Ltd.

5. Cooperation Methods:

The investors can do some project research, visit and learn about practical project. After that, the investors and  Huong Phong Co., Ltd would discuss to find out cooperation form and method invested as well as signing business cooperation documents or establishing a new legal entity in accordance with law of Vietnam.

Thank you for your attentions and we look forward to receiving of your positive response. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Huong Phong Company Limited Head Office:

Mr. Tran Thuong Tin - Deputy director of investment

Add: 01 Nguyen Du,  Ward 1, Vung Tau City, Bà Rịa –Vũng Tàu

Tel: (+84 64) 3511 577   - Fax : (+84 64) 3511 711

Cellphone: (+84) 908 322 984


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Sincerely yours,